Issue 7: 2002 (The Philosophy of Gilbert Ryle)
1. Introduction , Anthony Chemero, Guest Editor, (pdf version)
2. Ryle's Last Letter to Daniel Dennett, Gibert Ryle (Introduction by Daniel Dennett) , (pdf version)
3. Re-Introducing The Concept of Mind, Daniel Dennett , (pdf version)
4. Gilbert Ryle and The Chinese Sceptic: Do Epistemologists Need to Know How To?, Istvan Berkeley , (pdf version)
5. Namely Riders: An update, Hartley Slater , (pdf version)
6. What You Know When You Know How Someone Behaves, Rowland Stout , (pdf version)
7. Discussion: Kelly and McDowell on Perceptual Content, Fred Ablondi , (pdf version)
    -- A commentary upon Sean Kelly's "What Makes Perceptual Content Non-conceptual?" (EJAP, 6: 1998 )

Issue 6: Spring 1998 (The Philosophy of Evans)
1 Introduction Rick Grush, Guest Editor
2 Nonconceptual Content and the Nature of Perceptual ExperienceJosé Luis Bermúdez and Fiona Macpherson
3 Self-Identification and Self-Reference Ingar Brinck
4 Singular Terms and Reference: Evans and "Julius" Ronald Chrisley
5 Subjectivity, Objectivity and Frames of Reference in Evans's Theory of Thought Adrian Cussins
6 Skill and spatial content Rick Grush
7 NonConceptual Content and Objectivity Daniel Hutto
8 What Makes Perceptual Content Non-conceptual? Sean Kelly
9 Objectivity Without Space Pete Mandik
10 Vagueness, Language, and Ontology Jesse Prinz
11 The Semantic Challenge to Russell's Principle Mark Textor

Issue 5: Spring 1997 (Methods of Ontology)
1 Methods of Ontology Gregg Rosenberg, Guest Editor
2 Carnap, Quine and the Fate of Metaphysics Huw Price
3 Quine on Matters Ontological Roger Gibson
4 Julius Caesar and the Number 2 Jill Dieterle
5 Ontological Categories and How to Use Them Amie L. Thomasson
6 The Formal Ontology of Boundaries Barry Smith and Achille C. Varzi
7 Discussion: CYC: A Case Study in OntologicalEngineering B. J. Copeland

Issue 4: Spring 1996 (Existential Phenomenology and Cognitive Science)
1 Existential Phenomenology and Cognitive Science Mark Wrathall and Sean Kelly
2 Why the Mind Isn't a Program (But Some Digital Computer Might Have a Mind) Mark Okrent
3 The Current Relevance of Merleau-Ponty's Phenomenology of Embodiment Hubert L. Dreyfus
4 An Ecological Approach to Cognitive Science John T. Sanders
5 Wooden Iron? Husserlian Phenomenology Meets Cognitive Science Tim van Gelder
6 Realistic Truth Relativism, Frameworks of Belief and Conceptual Schemes Peter Davson-Galle

Issue 3: Spring 1995 (Justifying Value in Nature)
1 Introduction to Justifying Value in Nature Martin Schönfeld, Guest Editor
2 Preferences, Health, Interests and Value Robin Attfield
3 Transcendental Idealism and the Fact/Value Dichotomy Kent Baldner
4 Intrinsic Value in Nature: a Metaethical Analysis J. Baird Callicott
5 Objective Values, Final Causes: Stoics, Epicureans, and Platonists Stephen R. L. Clark
6 The Nature of the Value of Nature S. F. Sapontzis
7 Interspecific Justice and Intrinsic Value Donald VanDeVeer

Issue 2: May 1994
1 Neo-Meilandian Truth-Relativism of a Weak Sort Peter Davson-Galle
2 Scientific Progress, Relativism and Self-Refutation Tim McGrew
3 The Rationality of Authority: Healy and Brown on Expertise Richard Reiner
4 Rationality, Judgment and Rule-Following: A Reply to Reiner Paul Healy
5 Judgment and Reason: Responses to Healy and Reiner and Beyond Harold I. Brown
6 Millikan's White Queen Psychology Anthony Chemero

Issue 1: August 1993
1 Can Existence and Nomicity Devolve from Axiological Principles? Norman Swartz
2 Emergence Unscathed: Kim on Non-Reducible Types Ron McClamrock
3 Rationality, Judgment, and Critical Inquiry Paul Healy
4 Conscious Computations Valerie Gray Hardcastle
5 Do T-Theories Display Senses? Peter Ludlow