The Electronic Journal of Analytic Philosophy

Issue 6, 1998
Guest editor: Rick Grush

The Philosophy of Evans

1 Introduction
Rick Grush


2 Nonconceptual Content and the Nature of Perceptual Experience
José Luis Bermúdez and Fiona Macpherson
3 Self-Identification and Self-Reference
Ingar Brinck
4 Singular Terms and Reference: Evans and "Julius"
Ronald Chrisley
5 Subjectivity, Objectivity and Frames of Reference in Evans's Theory of Thought
Adrian Cussins
6 Skill and spatial content
Rick Grush
7 NonConceptual Content and Objectivity
Daniel Hutto
8 What Makes Perceptual Content Non-conceptual?
Sean Kelly
9 Objectivity Without Space
Pete Mandik
10 Vagueness, Language, and Ontology
Jesse Prinz
11 The Semantic Challenge to Russell's Principle
Mark Textor

Notes from the editor

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