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Copyright Licensing Agreement

Agreement made the ______ day of _____, 20___, between ____________________, hereinafter called the Author, and the Electronic Journal of Analytic Philosophy (EJAP).

Whereas, the author has written a paper entitled _______________________________, which paper has never been published, and the Author is sole owner of the manuscript thereof and of all right, title, and interest therein. It is agreed as follows:

  1. Assignment. The Author hereby assigns to the publisher the right to publish and distribute the said manuscript and to create a derivative work from said manuscript. The assignment shall be effective so long as EJAP is available on computer networks.
  2. Certain Rights Reserved to Author. The Author shall remain the sole owner of the copyright in said manuscript. The author may publish the manuscript in any other journal or medium but such publication must include notice that the manuscript was first published by the Electronic Journal of Analytic Philosophy.
  3. Style and Form of Publication. The Author's name shall be conspicuously printed on the title page of said paper when published. The paper shall contain notice that the author of the paper retains the copyright and that if the author subsequently publishes the paper in another journal or medium such publication shall contain notice that the paper was first published in EJAP.
  4. Infringement of Copyright. The Author agrees to hold the Electronic Journal of Analytic Philosophy harmless for any unauthorized use of the paper by EJAP subscribers. EJAP subscribers may copy or download the paper from the network. Any distribution or publication of said paper by subscribers shall constitute an infringement of the Author's copyright.



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