Notes from the editor

Use of the symbol font

We have used the symbol font in several of the articles in this edition of the Electronic Journal of Analytic Philosophy. This has allowed us to display formulas using Greek letters and mathematical characters. However, this font is not supported by several of the existing browser configurations. We apologize to those using browsers that do not support the font, and hope that future versions of your chosen platform will incorporate it.

The decision to use the font was based upon the paucity of alternatives. We can present logical formulas as images, for example, but then there is no way to insert those same formulas into a paragraph without confusing the appearance of the paragraph itself, usually making the formula appear as an indented quote. Similarly, we could translate the formulas over into some ASCII formula that is defined as equivalent (as we have done in the past), but this is difficult to read, and is deceptive when the formula is quoted from a text.

Disruption of service

I apologize for the downtown that ejap experienced for several weeks in July. The server was being updated, and some problems arose.

New ejap forthcoming

After editing The Electronic Journal of Analytic Philosophy since its inception in 1993, I am about to step down as Editor in Chief. I will remain a board member and the publisher of ejap, but a new Editor in Chief will be taking over. This site will remain active (although probably as a mirror site). An exciting launch of the new, and improved, ejap can be expected in 2001.

Craig DeLancey
Editor in Chief