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Please note: EJAP is currently going through a period of major change. All the underlying software has  recently been upgraded. The site architecture is now being subject to substantial renovation. Once this is done, EJAP will being changing it's mode of operation. Please check back soon for this exciting news. Announcements will also be made on the PHILOSOP and PHILOS-L mailing lists once the work is complete. In the meantime, there may be periodic outages of certain parts of the site. These should all be brief, so try again in a couple of hours. If you have any questions. comments or suggestions please send then to: ejap@louisiana.edu.

This is the home of The Electronic Journal of Analytic Philosophy. The old EJAP files are now available, although they contain lots of erroneous information (e.g. about EJAP being housed in Indiana) and bad links. The papers can be accessed by following the 'Archives' link. Note, only the HTML versions of each paper are currently available. At the current time work is under way to update all the old information contained in the EJAP files. This is a non-trivial task (!), so please be patient.

The new issue of EJAP is now available! The Guest Editor of the new issue is Tony Chemero. The issue focuses on the philosophy of Gilbert Ryle. The new issue can be accessed here. There is another new issue also in the works. The topic will be "Cyberphilosophy" and the Guest editor will be Jeff McLaughlin. A call for papers will be posted soon. For updates on what is happening with EJAP please keep an eye on The PHILOSOP mailing list.

In the meantime, all comments and questions about EJAP should please be addressed to Istvan Berkeley, the EJAP Editor-in-Chief, at ejap@louisiana.edu.

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